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Portfolio Update – October 2018, new horizons!

In October I did not move much coins around, but I jumped back heavily into researching and came up with 5 coins I really am thinking of investing and/or moving old profits towards them. But first, the current portfolio. Compared to last month I didn't change much, except for the $ZRX bag, which provided some … Continue reading Portfolio Update – October 2018, new horizons!

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How to get into Bitcoin without money

You are curious about jumping into Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies? Especially after the big profits of up to 10000% we saw. But you don't want to spend actual money? No, problem. You don't have to! The space around cryptocurrencies still has the issue of "being new". Even almost ten years later. Which means exchanges are still … Continue reading How to get into Bitcoin without money

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The market in cycles

Did you hear this term before? "Marketcycles", can't figure it out? "downtrend, uptrend, accumulation" and similar weird words? Understanding the market and its cycles is essential if you want to be permanently successful with trading stocks or cryptocurrencies. Following, I will explain what you need to know in order to basically predict the future. Because … Continue reading The market in cycles

Der Markt in Kreisen – Marketcycles

Hast Du diesen Begriff schon gehört? "Marketcycles," kannst Dir aber keinen Reim darauf machen? "Downtrend, Uptrend, Accumulation" und ähnliche Fremdwörter beziehungsweise Anglizismen? Den Markt und seine Kreise zu kennen ist essentiell wichtig, wenn man dauerhaft erfolgreich mit dem Handel von Aktien oder Kryptowährungen sein möchte. Ich erkläre Dir im Folgenden, was du Wissen musst, um … Continue reading Der Markt in Kreisen – Marketcycles