Portfolio Update – October 2018, new horizons!

In October I did not move much coins around, but I jumped back heavily into researching and came up with 5 coins I really am thinking of investing and/or moving old profits towards them.

But first, the current portfolio.

coin split october 2018

Compared to last month I didn’t change much, except for the $ZRX bag, which provided some nice, but not too crazy profits.

The coins in “other” are DBC (Deep Brain Chain) which was more of a test buy beginning of 2018 (IIRC) with about $50 and is down a mere 92% to $4. Great investment. FML.


Also in “other” is $TUBE (BitTube) which I am mining, so this is a general green plus. $BNB (Binance coin) which I mostly hold due to fees, a small bag of $ETH, which I bought at $200 a pop. As well as $BAT (Basic Attention Token) which I – like a real idiot – bought way too high. I am down about 50% on that coin.

So “other” consists of failures on my part or smaller investments. I will keep that ETH bag until it is $1000 again. If you don’t think ETH will ever reach over $1000 again, well, we can’t be friends.

$BAT is probably going to be listed on coinbase anytime soon-ish, so I am just waiting for break-even to be honest. It’s a good coin and I use the Brave Browser every day, but I lost interest in that coin.

Also, I think over time the “adding to coinbase” will lose value. I know, right now ETC and ZRX didn’t pump like crazy because of the bear market, but still.

Green in the mix

We finally got some movements with altcoins lately, which is awesome. Seeing some green in all the red is a nice switch-up. But that’s the price for buying coins at yearly lows, they won’t be green for a long time.

last weeks gains and losses
Weekly movements.

This shows the biggest gainers for last week. Well, people moved their $RVN profits into $BIS it seems. Bismuth is a middle-long-term hold for me, so I am not gonna sell on these profits. I know it looks tempting, but $BIS definitely has more upside in 2019. If anything I might add to the position soon.

DBC with their shitty 3% can fuck right off. This coin might be great in the future (AI on the blockchain, basically) but I might just kick it off. On the other hand, $4 are not really worth the hassle, but it just triggers me in my portfolio.

All the reds

down a bunch
Sorted by biggest losers.

As you can see, overall I am still down 36%, most of which sits in Stellar ($XLM) since it is my biggest holding, so that’s not a big deal. Next bullrun will fix that.

What really annoys me is $NEO. This coin went down WAY farther than I expected. Some people say, there are better platforms than NEO and it won’t happen again and shit. Meh. NEO will pump again, for sure. Not only do they keep building stuff, but it’s also still a pretty high cap coin, so next time, beginners will still buy it, just because it is in the top 20 of CMC.

The beloved child

You know, I really like PundiX ($NPXS). I really do. Even though I am down 50% on it. As I tweeted lately, I bought at 200 sats first.


Even though it is considered a stable coin now, $NPXS will surely pump in the future. Yeah, yeah. 200 mil marketcap already, whatever. 

It has a working product, multiple cryptocurrencies can be used on the device, tokens getting burned over time, reducing supply, PoS rewards will be reduced, completely bottomed out, low-sat coin.

Need I say more?

How to get out of this mess?

Surely, there is still a lot of red and I would like to be only down in single digits before the next bullrun. That would be lit, but not easy.

Sadly, my fiat is currently pretty locked in, since I am building a house, so buying more crypto is off the table, at least for the coming month.

Which is why, if anything, I would have to move my existing coins/profits into other coins. Which one you ask? Well, I dyored a bit.

Privacy over everything

The year 2019 will be known as the year of privacy. For sure. Not only do the scandals on existing platforms (Facebook) keep coming, but also the crypto space will get some traction again next year through certain catalysts.

There will definitely be some kind of demand for privacy. Proper privacy. If you wanna play the safe route, Monero is your coin.

If you want to make a shitton of money, you need smallcaps. How about these two:

$DERO and $QLC

I know $DERO got shilled quite a bit on Twitter, but that doesn’t make it bad, right? Especially by our beloved CryptoTyrion. 

What does it do?

  • Very fast anonymous transactions
  • Smart contracts (private smart contracts, yo!)
  • Developed from scratch, not just another ERC-20 token
  • Completely re-written CryptoNight PoW protocol -> mineable
  • 51% attacks are not possible (explained here under 3.3)
  • Testnet live already
  • Not on huge exchanges yet
  • The whitepaper is only 13 pages (that’s a plus, man)

Market technicals

Yeah, sure the coin already moved up a bit.

dero chart

So if you jump in now, you might see a small retrace still, unless we enter the bullrun sooner. But it retraced almost completely throughout the bear market, so apart from the small moon recently (ignore the blue line) it’s a good buy.

I personally am going to invest in this coin. Mostly because, as you can tell from my portfolio, I don’t have a privacy coin yet. So I am already late on the bandwagon, but whatever.

$QLC Chain

This chain is explained pretty quick: monetization of network bandwidth while providing the most secure, private network connection to date. 

While doing research on this coin, I’ve noticed that our boi, Nye already checked in with the team and does like it a lot:

Here is also a great AMA on Medium about their coin. While they spew a lot of buzzwords which makes this article pretty difficult to read, the tech behind it seems interesting, plus it will be very much needed in the future. I want this router.

Technicals again

I mean, check this chart out:

Isn’t that a textbook retrace? Also, they are still building, they have a partnership with a huge Singaporean company, which is responsible for 2.1 billion SMS annually and the chart looks like that? BUY!

I am uncertain of buying this coin because I already will have $DERO then or I might switch it up for a non-privacy coin, like …


$STORM probably has the nicest UI I’ve seen so far for any crypto project. And they need to because their goal is to be easily approachable and gamify micro-tasks, so more people are willing to do them.

But what do they do?

It is aimed at freelancers. If you – like me – ever bought anything on fiverr for example, you’ll realize that there are stupid high fees (up to 40%) for the performer of said task.

With Storm as the platform, they will be directly paid, without anyone in between. Client to the performer. Direct service.


Look at this juicy chart, I might as well post the same chart over and over since so many coins are so bottomed out:

STORM chart

Old friends

These were new coins I am thinking of buying, but what about some old lads?


Well, Dragonchain is an interesting one, it got pumped quite heavily because it was made by Disney. Well, back in 2014. It is now open-source. It will apparently relaunch as DragonChain Inc.

All it does is making it easy for companies to incorporate the blockchain into their business applications. To be precise, use the blockchain in an easy, secure and private way.

The most interesting part for me though is the fact that the DRGN headquarters sits right next to Valve. You know, the guys that made Half-Life. They make millions with in-game cosmetics, putting these on a blockchain might be worth it.

However, not only is there already a blockchain designed for that ($WAX), knowing Valve, they might just do it on their own, instead of asking some randos.

The chart is fucking lit though:

drgn chart

Whoever rode this down from almost $5 per DRGN down to the 22 cents it is now, you have my respect.

Noticed something else? 22 cents now? Buy, look at that chart.

Spicy NAGA

I’ve been checking out NAGA a while ago, but never bought because it was already too expensive for my liking. But now, since it is at 23 cents again, it is really tempting.

This coin is pretty much like Binance’s $BNB coin. You pay less exchange fees if you trade with NAGA. However, you can not only trade crypto. Stocks and equities work as well.

So it’s a utility token that actually works and it has a great app with a nice UI.

naga wallet

Also similar chart as the others. It’s been bottoming out throughout all of 2018.

NAGA chart

So what now?

Lot’s of information, but I try to tell you all the info I have before I make a purchase. Because, as you can tell by my pretty red portfolio at the beginning, I have made some mistakes in the past and plan not to do them again.

I was down a lot more, so if you’re interested how to be down less, or even get into the green, even in a bear market, check out this post.

I am definitely gonna buy $DERO. But it’s a mid-long-term hold. Into 2019 for sure. $NAGA pretty sure and maybe $QLC, but oh, well. So much good coins to buy.

You can shill me more in the comments if you have a better idea or want me to check out a certain coin. Can always reach me on Twitter as well.

Since I can’t free much fiat right now, I might sell of my $ZRX and maybe a bit of my Bitcoin to buy these lowcaps.


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