Why passive WINcome over single winning trades

Passive income will make you wealthy. Winning single trades won’t.

If you’re a trader, you’re probably triggered.

Hear me out.


The R:R is a big thing in trading and stands for Risk-Reward-Ratio. Basically, if the desired trade and its implied reward are worth the risk upfront (simply put).

You can zoom out on this and put a R:R on trading in general.

Is trading really worth the risk?

Not counting bull or bear markets here, but you have to ask yourself if it is really worth it. Or if there is a better method of making money. Because there is. Passive income.

Digital crystal balls

Being able to foresee the future is a traders edge.

Most people have been programmed by society that you can’t actually make money in your sleep. And anyone who actually achieved that was just “lucky”. Or cheated. Or some NPC bullshit.

And traders are obviously just assholes, exploiting the poor citizen.

I mean, that’s true, but it’s hardly your fault for not being part of the herd.

So where is the risk here?

Traders are basically predicting the near future. As weird as it sounds, but predicting the near future is actually harder than the far distant future. At least for markets like these.

Due to inflation and the earliness of this space, the price will go up over an extended course of time. So, buying when everything is cheap and waiting is the easiest way of passive income.

However, the trader is predicting tomorrow. Or even the next 4 hours. And all sorts of hell can break loose in that time.

Time is money

To be a successful trader, you need to be logged into the market. Checking charts all the time. Getting a gut feeling for the price movements.

If you don’t thoroughly enjoy checking charts every day, you will be a shitty trader.

You only master a profession, if you truly enjoy doing it. If you don’t and you have a lot of conscientiousness, you can be mediocre at it. You force yourself to do it. You might be decent. But never great.

And since you risk a lot of money in these trades, you should be really great at it.

To be a profitable trader, you only need to win 51% of your trades. Sure. But that’s pretty tight, isn’t it? And it takes a lot of time. YOUR free time to do.

If you still work a 9-5, and you’re trying to trade besides that, well, good luck to you. I hope your girl is fine with not seeing you, ever.

The chill pill method

Luckily, the financial markets know of a much more chill approach to making money. Passive income.

hot girl on couch sleeping
This is you while making passive income.

Now, this isn’t without risk, obviously.

Nothing is ever without risk.

And reducing risk always comes with adding more time. So passive income is generated over longer timeframes. While simultaneously giving you more of it for yourself.

You set this stuff up once. And then you wait.

Probably quite a while.

But you need to get your mind out of the get-rich-quick-scheme. Something like that doesn’t exist.

You see these very successful people on cryptotwitter. Or Twitter in general. Making thousands of dollars with their trades. Or with passive income. Or with their businesses. Whatever it is.

But you never know what they went through to get ther. You only see the shiny life upfront. Alexander Cortes is one of the most successful people on Twitter (without being a celebrity first). And he said, he wrote articles and blog posts for 6+ years before he had noticeable financial gains from it.

Set your mind straight

You need to embrace that. Accept, that money doesn’t come quick.

I can tell, you are already thinking about the bullrun 2017 in crypto, right?

The NYTimes about the Bitcoin bullrun in 2017. Good times.

Lots of people got stupid rich in no time.

Yes. But they are all poor now. Unless they were traders who have already been doing it for years and pulled out their funds at the top. Because they saw this 2018 bear market coming.

I bet most people on cryptotwitter, having tens of thousands of followers, are now sitting on huge bags with 70%+ losses.

Don’t get blinded.

Some have the balls to make it public, like Peter McCormack. He has a thread on Twitter explaining how he turned 32k into 1,2m and almost back to zero. You should read this!

There is no get rich quick scheme!

And there never will be.

Friends and relatives of mine always refer to Bitcoin itself as a get rich quick scheme. Probably because of 2017. And I always laugh at that.

Unless you were very lucky and pulled out at the right time (pull out method does work sometimes), or you knew what you were doing before that,

Because you spend years trading other assets already,

You’re rekt.

Wrapping up

With that in mind, it should be clear why I chose passive income. Since being successful takes its sweet time anyway. I might as well use the time, I save by not trading, for other stuff.

Like writing books, blog posts, courses, whatever.

So as a newcomer, I wouldn’t recommend to trade these markets AT ALL.

Learn technical analysis. It helps to predict the market. Use CryptoCred’s courses. I used them as well. They are awesome!

Watch the markets and get a feeling for the behaviour.

But you don’t have to sit there for years, not making money.

Use the passive income sources like:

  • Pseudo-ETF’s
  • Buffetting/HODLing
  • Staking
  • Mining
  • Masternodes
  • Trading bots

How to get them running properly isn’t easy. Which is why I made a course called passive WINcome which outlines step by step what you have to do.

passive wincome 3D book cover
Get access to the passive WINcome course for 60% off until it launches!

It’ll launch in 5 days.

In the presale, you will get the course for $7. When it launches in 5 days, it will be $67. And probably more in the future since that is stupid cheap for the possibility of financial freedom while sleeping!

Get your lifetime access to the course now: Passive WINcome in 5 days, with cryptocurrencies.

With passive income, you can generate money, while monitoring the market and learning.

And please give up on the get rich quick mindset.


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