Portfolio Update; end of 2018, still rekt

I know it is 2019 already. And I want to apologize for not writing this post earlier and catching you guys up on my portfolio. Shame on me.

So in this one, we’re gonna cover two full months. December 2018 and January 2019. And we can do that because Bitcoin is busy doing nothing.

But that gave you and me opportunity to do stuff.

Seeing some green

I managed to buy some proper bottoms in the last two months which gave returns up to 30%. Which is some bullshit, right? Well, we’re not in a bull market where you wouldn’t even bother to check the coin for a measly 30%, but it is what it is.

The advantage of this bear market is that it is quite easy to buy the exact bottom. Most coins retraced over 90%. And have been ranging there for weeks. There isn’t much downside after this.

However, I still don’t buy coins if I don’t believe in them long-term. And over time, my focus switched to passive income coins pretty heavily. Like staking and Masternodes for example.

delta app status for holo tomo and theta
My three best coins this month. Sad to see 5% increase being in “the best coins”

I have bought $TOMO and $THETA quite recently. $THETA is a special favorite of mine since it targets the market I’ve enjoyed a lot in the past. I have spent way too much time on Twitch.tv and Youtube. Watching other people play games. I did that at work. The leisure life of an IT boy. Anyway, THETA is a Korean video platform providing decentralized video delivery. Improved video delivery that is.

Anyone within the chain can function as a node to make it easier to reroute the video data to people farther outside in the network. Considering how streaming is constantly growing, and the quality constantly increasing, this has a big future.

I chose $TOMO pretty much solely on the aspect of passive income. I really like the POSV (Proof-Of-Stake Voting) mechanism. You need 50,000 TOMO to be eligible for a Masternode. But stakeholders then have to vote for you to become an actual node. This way, the people running the nodes are incentivized to keep it fast and secure. It builds trust and performance. If you fail running your Node properly, you might be voted off.

Old friends moving

If you’ve followed for a while, you know I held $NPXS down from 200 sats. It is at 18 sats currently. This does sound like a big mistake. Which it was. But I don’t regret investing in the coin in general, I could’ve timed it better. But since I planned very long-term with this coin, it doesn’t matter.

$NPXS has been moving lately. After being at 11-12 sats for months, it finally went up to around 18 sats. Doesn’t sound much, but if you hold 250,000 coins, it’s not too bad. I actually bought most of my $NPXS coins at these low prices. So the initial buy at 200 sats isn’t a big deal anymore. Classic Dollar-cost-averaging. I still recommend buying this coin. Especially for staking!

The other old boy making moves is $HOT. The Holochain being a great technology on its own, I bought into it at 12 sats. It is now at 33 sats. It didn’t move for ages which is why it’s been in my portfolio for quite some time now. This is a very long-term hold. Don’t expect $100 per coin since the supply is quite massive. But it has a great future, I will be holding it.

Scammers still in the market

I shilled $XHV quite a lot, to be honest. And I actually thought it is a great idea. But people were right for shittalking me. I ignored some red flags. Anonymous devs, only like 4 of them, bad communication, etc. And frankly, it backfired. One dev suddenly left with a bang, calling out the other devs and the bad state of the project.

Now, some people just ignored that and kept holding onto their $XHV. I sold my stack at a 50% loss. Thank god I didn’t invest very much. The existing devs backpaddled a bit later and said it’s not all that bad. The price didn’t tank as much as I was expecting. Still, I lost trust in this project.

The other issue was Cryptopia being hacked. I had my $BIS coins on there and they are probably just gone forever. Which is why I schooled myself and was reminded (again) why you should never leave your coins on exchanges. I always thought Cryptopia was a weird shady exchange. But somehow it kept itself up and it had a great load of shitcoins. But in hindsight, that hack was inevitable.

I still keep the $BIS coins in my Delta App to track, but since Cryptopia is down for weeks now, not communicating at all, and still getting hacked, I guess they are gone:

Outlook and Bitcoin movement

So, what are we aiming for? $BTC shit the bed quite heavily in November. Since then it has been ranging down there. Apart from a smaller spike up to 4,000 USD which immediately sparked euphority in people. Which is also the reason why we are down again.

bitcoin tradingview chart
Bitcoin still not doing anything noticeable down here.

All of Cryptotwitter is expecting numbers below 3,000 USD for Bitcoin. I honestly haven’t seen anyone calling for 4k in weeks. This might be the indicator that we are going up. Still, we need a big catalyst to actually become bullish again. I don’t know if the trading platform Bakkt might be enough of a catalyst to shift sentiment. But it doesn’t matter since it got delayed anyway.

As long as we don’t get some big bullish news and break through 6k again we will be stuck down here. There has been great news from an investors perspective in the past. Huge merchants accepting Bitcoin. So it will be printed into people’s minds over the course of time. But it didn’t move price at all. Retail lost its trust in Bitcoin for now.

Volume is low af. Nobody outside of Cryptotwitter cares about Bitcoin right now. So all we can do is wait and buy fundamentally great altcoins dirt cheap. And Bitcoin obviously. Never forget to buy Bitcoin.

Let’s see what this month brings. See you end of February for the next Portfolio Update.

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