Is TOMO the light in the darkness?

Chartwise the TomoChain coin has been bullish all week. But that’s not really what I care about. I think Tomo is setting a benchmark for future coins in a completely different regard.

The stupidly insane bullrun in 2017 sparked the birth of lots and lots of altcoins. Each incarnation was worse than the other.

Literal vaporware. Websites covered in buzzwords. A cool looking website to be precise. A whitepaper with 40 pages which told you literally nothing of what the coin does. And a paid Crypto Youtuber to shill the project.

Fun times.

But all good times have to end at some point.

Marketing vs product

A space like the cryptocurrency space can only thrive on legit projects. Teams and companies that actually try to achieve something. People that try to bring this fourth industrial revolution to the people.

And this will only happen when projects shift their focus.

You might be familiar with the classic interview of Steve Jobs about how marketing and sales people run the companies. And how it ruins the company. If not, check it out here:

Steve Jobs explains in under 2 minutes why big companies end up making bad products.

And I think a similar thing happened with crypto. Once it got big and became a thing in the media, people forgot what it was about.

They all focused on how to get more people to invest into their company. To pump the price. Nobody gave a shit on how to actually make a proper Blockchain.

Or get mass adoption.

Or make Bitcoin easy to use.

Their sole goal was to make money. Human nature is what it is. Whenever the quick buck calls, they tend to forget their principle’s and morales.

Not all of them. Some great projects started in 2017’s euphoria, like Binance for example.

But I think we can safely say 80% of the projects that launched in that time were either scams, vaporware, or just quickly set up and thought out afterward.

The Cleansing

2018 marked an important stepstone in the maturity of crypto. Lots of projects died or are still dying. Which is good. Because they are trash.

Obviously, it’s bad for the people who invested in these projects. I am one of them. I made some mistakes in that euphoria. I lost money, but I gained experience.

But since retail money and the media stopped caring about Bitcoin & Co, the sales people got driven out. And left were the people that actually cared for the space and really tried to bring the technology forward.

Which means the projects that survived and/or were birthed in the 2018 bear market have the right vision (mostly). And probably the best chances to become the next

However, there is a personal pet peeve of mine which still doesn’t get addressed enough. Granted, it’s getting better, but in my opinion, it should be one of the main points to focus on.


The key to success

old keys on a notepaper
Projects already have the keys to success. They aren’t new. But they’re not using them enough.

I am going to use Steve Jobs again for this example. Remember the first iPhone? It wasn’t actually groundbreaking new technology. HP already invented a smartphone of some sort before the iPhone launched.

The key difference was usability. You had to use it with a pen, and it was a bit clunky.

The iPhone only had one button. The whole user interface was and still is navigated by intuitive human movements like touch or voice.

Apple focused solely on usability and user experience.

When the first Android phones came along, they still couldn’t kick Apple off the throne. While they had a similar interface, they weren’t as fast as the iPhone. And a bit buggy. (Plus, the brand Apple was already established).

PayPal was a success because it was a one-click payment. No typing in of credit card numbers and stuff.

One click. Done.

So if projects want to get new people into this space, they need to switch their focus. Their goal should be absolute ease of use. One-click sending. I should be able to send via e-mail or WhatsApp or whatever.

The PayPal of crypto.

Pioneers in space

apollo 11 moon landing a person in a space suit on the moon

One project which I only recently noticed which is a pioneer in this regard is TOMO. If you know me, I am big in passive income. That’s my main focus. And staking coins as well as hosting Masternodes is the next step in crypto which is stupidly complicated.

Not anymore!

Depending on what coin you choose you can just park them on an Exchange like Binance and have them staked there. Although I really wouldn’t recommend this!

So you need your software wallets on your PC and whatnot.

This morning, I staked some $TOMO. And I quickly noticed how very easy and smooth their App is to use.

a picture of the tomochain wallet on a smartphone

And the Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus used by TOMO isn’t even that easy to understand on its own. But they have managed to make the staking a one-click experience.

Not only that, the whole process of setting up the wallet on your phone. Sending and receiving is covered in simplicity. It is fast and well designed. If you have no clue about crypto at all, you can still stake some $TOMO in minutes and reap the passive income rewards.

It’s awesome.

This is why I think $TOMO is a light in the clunky darkness. They managed to create a thoroughly well-designed experience for their users.

If more projects will follow this approach, we will get our mass adoption in no time.

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