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Hello and welcome!
I have created this blog to help people get into cryptocurrencies on the right foot. Get a proper start into the space, because it is still a bit difficult. And if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might lose a great amount of money.

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That’s me and my spirit animal.

My personal biggest goal is to make money while sleeping. Yes, exactly that. Passive income is my thing, which is why this blog and most of my content is focused around that.

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I started blindly myself, as I will describe later in this post. I FOMO’d in hard in December 2017, although I should’ve known better. I’ve lost a great amount of money. But only around 7 months later I made it all back. Despite the bear market. Learn here how I did that – how to get your portfolio back in the green.

If I knew back then what I do know now, that would’ve probably not taken that long to come clear again.

If you’ve made similar mistakes or you are unsure where to start: Congratulations. You came to the right place. I would definitely urge you to learn about the three archetypes of cryptoinvestors.

My Bitcoin journey

I’ve been lurking into the cryptocurrency market for years. I heard of it first, when Bitcoin was worth around 500 USD. I didn’t invest back then, which – as you can guess – turned out to be a financial mistake.

Or was it?

Back then I didn’t trust the infrastructure surrounding it. Maybe, if I would’ve done better research on the blockchain itself and what it can do, I might have thought different.

Also, I don’t regret not joining in earlier, because this way, I have learned a whole lot about this market or financial markets in general. Which I can now proudly share with you to help you NOT make the same mistakes as I did.

I was blinded by the media. Bitcoin closing in on 20,000 USD per Bitcoin and the media went apeshit. I fell for FOMO. Which is always bad, but it taught me a lot on how to keep my emotions out of investments.

And then the market laughed at me and went byebye.

btc price falling down 2018
Bitcoin dropped from almost 20k to 5.800 USD, and even further later on.

I then researched on Twitter a lot, because all of crypto is mostly on Twitter. Lots of very bright people helped me with their information on how to get my money back. Even in a bear market.

I compiled three essential ways to get the money back here – 
how to get your portfolio back in the green.

I applied a mixture of these three tips, which I would recommend you to do as well. If you want more detail on what coins exactly I own and how much of them, check out the Portfolio-Updates.

The future in multiple ways

Most people usually join crypto to make a quick buck. So did I. But for woke people it changes pretty quickly: I came for the money, but I stayed for the technology.

The more time I spend in this market, the more I am amazed by it and what it can do to the world in the future. Which is why I decided to make this blog and inform people about it. And that’s also the reason why I wrote The Bitcoin Saga.

To teach people about this amazing technology, which just happens to be so early, you can still make money with it.

We are still in the early adopter phase, so join now and don’t miss this crazy ride and this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become financially free.

Also, fuck bankers

With crypto, we have the opportunity to show banks that there is a threat and their system of power and abusing money might fall. More of what I mean by that in the Bitcoin Saga.

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