All the sources to make money online

On this page I will list all the (proven) ways to make money.

Be it full-time or a side-hustle doesn’t really matter. You can do all of them as you wish.

However, you should be aware, that all of them need YOUR action to work.

You can buy all these courses, mentally masturbate to the info all you want. Unless YOU take the action, you won’t be making money.

Check out this blog post, where I talk about the money making mindset.

Let’s start with the easy stuff.

Conquering Twitter

You can make money with Twitter. Learn how.

You shouldn’t juse use Twitter to shittalk Trump, or masturbate to celebrity pics. You can make money with Twitter.

And before you jump on me. You’re not abusing anything. The only way to make money with Twitter is by providing value. Offering something. Usually, you start with affiliate marketing.

But for that to work, you need a following. Doesn’t need to be 100,000 followers. 500 are just fine. The more the better. So click here or on the picture above to get to the Conquering Twitter eBook.

It was written by Jose Rosado and Ryan Felman from PathToManliness. They have over 15,000 followers between them by the time of writing this. And they monetize their following buy selling their books and affiliates to it. They do it. I do it. You can do it, too.

How to not fuck up your brand

how to not f*ck up your brand ebook by ryan felman
There are BIG mistakes when branding yourself or your product which you should avoid. Learn how.

Conquering Twitter is way easier when you portray a proper brand. This can also be your personal brand. About you. But you need something you portray. A niche.

Jack of all trades doesn’t cut it. People always ask specialists. And they trust them more than someone who knows everything, but nothing entirely.

And when you’re branding yourself, there are some BIG mistakes you can make. This eBook by Ryan Felman (PathToManliness guy again) will help you to not fuck up your brand!

Become sovereign!

the sovereign university logo
Become sovereign and make thousands online. Learn how.

Society is changing. Less and less people like working at a big company. Because it’s a big disadvantage. They are in big cities where you can’t pay rent, so you have to commute for two hours a day. Unless they raise your pay every year, you lose money.

You have to deal with stupid co-workers and their lame stories nobody gives a damn about.

Etc etc.

The way forward is becoming a sovereign individual. The online business is thriving, but it’s still starting out. If you want to be your own boss, you have a multitude of possibilites.

If you already started out with trying to conquer Twitter, that’s one way. But there are even more.

The sovereign university contains all the big accounts on Twitter and how they make 5 figures every month online. They are not scamming people. They are providing value. And the online reach is insane. Hence the big bucks.

I am a student there as well. Sign up and learn how to become rich online. Learn from the best, become the best. They all share their secrets on there.

Sign up here.

Investing properly

My passive WINcome spreadsheet. Without it you can’t invest properly.

If being exposed online isn’t really your thing, fine. You can still make money in silence. By investing properly.

I have created a spreadsheet which you can use to gauge how much money you can use for investing each month. If you still work a 9-5, you should 100% do this. With it, you’ll make a reality check on your finances.

And after doing that, it makes a suggestion on how and where to invest your money.

Spreadsheet here.

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The ultimate beginner’s book

die bitcoin saga gross
The ultimate beginner’s book for Bitcoin. Get it here.

I figured I need to do something to get beginner’s properly into this space. Get them started out right.

Which is why I wrote the Bitcoin Saga. It comes clear with a lot of myths around Bitcoin, why it is the future of money, and how you can start out properly.

Get it on Amazon here.

Or the eBook on Gumroad here.

Want to make money in your sleep?

3D mockup PIMP
My PIMP course. A step-by-step guide on how to set up multiple sources so the money works for you. Get it here.

Sounds tempting, right? And it’s not a meme.

I do it. Bill Gates does it. Everyone rich does it. Passive income is the go-to method for anyone who couldn’t be bothered to do shit all day to make money.

Like working a 9-5. And you don’t have to. There are multiple ways to do this. I created a course which will guide you step-by-step on how to set them up. You don’t even need to think much. Just follow the instructions.

The Passive Income Mastery Playbook.

Get it here on Teachable.

Or here on Gumroad.

Other sources

If you want to start out with cryptocurrencies, I have some suggestions and some important links right here: