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Learn more about the currency you will be paying with in the future.

Disagree? Well, you’re wrong 😉 But you can still make money with it, even if you hate it.


Become wealthy the classic way. How to make US Dollars, or Euros, or whatever currency you have.

Everyone can make money. It isn’t scarce. It isn’t hard to get. It’s just knowledge you’re not taught in school.


Tap my knowledge about life. I turned my life around completely when I turned 30. From a beta loser, working a 9-5 he hates to a moneymaking masculine man of integrity. I’ll teach you how to enjoy life!

Other things I did


Why do you even invest in cryptocurrencies if you don’t even know WHAT you are investing in?

Maybe you’ve heard how your friend always talks about “crypto, bro!” and how he makes a shitton of money with it.

In either case, this book is for you.

It is titled The Bitcoin Saga since there are still a whole lot of myths around Bitcoin. And it’s all bs. This books comes clear with that.

  • It teaches you the real truths about Bitcoin.
  • How the tech actually works, and why it is the fourth industrial revolution.
  • Why the banks are fighting it, but will inevitably lose.
  • How inflation vs deflation actually works, and why you keep losing money every year. Even if you save it.
  • What the future will look like and why you WILL pay with crypto.
  • How you can ditch taxes with crypto (legally, of course).
  • How you should start out with cryptocurrencies, if you plan to invest. There are some pitfalls. You learn it from the ground up. This book can make you rich.
  • Things to be aware of when you are investing in this market.

All of this for just $17.

Ten chapters full of much needed knowledge for everyone in this space.

Get it here.

Get educated. Get rich!

Knowledge is power.

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