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How Game of Thrones teaches you some values for life

The other Knight (hurrdurr) Game of Thrones aired its second episode of the last season.

And while it was mostly reuniting of peeps.
And a bit of fucking around. 
Quite literally.
It had one scene that caught my eye.
And no, I don’t mean Arya Starks’ sideboob.

Brienne of Tarth is a woman. A huge one at that. And she is great at fighting. But she can never be a Knight, because only men can be Knights (insert feminism rage here).
But Jamie decides to fuck that rule and Knights her anyway.
This scene is quite touching, but it reminded me of one thing:


The Knighting process consists of the person to be Knighted to kneel down. Then the actual Knight will draw the sword and touch both shoulders of the person with the blade while saying the following words:

In the name of the warrior, I charge you to be brave.
In the name of the father, I charge you to be just.
In the name of the mother, I charge you to defend the innocent.

Jamie Lannister
jamie lannister knighting brienne of tarth
Jamie Knighting Brienne. Copyright lies with HBO.

Read that again.

The person who becomes a knight is charged with values to live by. Great values at that. Perfectly pictured. While kneeling.

We all fight difficult fights throughout our lives. Only through bravery, we power through them. We don’t get crushed by the heavy load of it. We persist, and that’s how we win the battle of life.

We are all fathers to some degree, where we rule over other people. We have a certain power. Be it through brute force, age, or wisdom. A good person doesn’t abuse the given power. He/she should use it for justice.

We are all mothers to some degree, where we need to protect other people. Be it our family, friends, maybe even animals, or a random stranger on the street. Our goal is to focus your destructive power onto the right people. The bad people. Not the innocent.

The Knight in shining armor

The Knights have always been the people of integrity, status. They have been looked up to. They were something to strive for. A title of presence.
It is because they portray the values every human should have.

Rules to live life by.

A Knight is trained in battle. He can kill anyone at will. But funnily enough, he tries to fight as little as possible. Because he knows his strength.

“The ones that know how to fight, but keep their swords sheathed shall inherit the earth.”

Jordan B. Peterson

You have to know how to fight.
It earns you respect. 
It makes you more confident.
But you have to live by values which decide on when to draw the sword.
Otherwise, the world will go down in chaos.

It’s too bad modern society doesn’t have these values anymore. Brave and wise people don’t get Knighted anymore. They aren’t perceived as the leaders of values and society.
They are outcasts.
When they should be ruling earth.

Once I have kids, I will try to teach them these values as soon as possible. And I charge you to do the same. This world where everyone makes fun of everybody else just for views and clicks is on its brink. This won’t go well for long. When nobody gives a damn about other people.

Every one of us wields a great power within them.
By raising the next generation properly.
You have the power to form the future society.
Use it wisely.

Talk soon,

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