Life wisdom

How to be happy

Let’s start this Monday with a great topic.

How to be Happy?
It’s actually not that difficult.
Yet many people always are curious on how to be happy.
What to do?
Where to start?
I’ll tell you some easy ways.
Although it might trigger some people…

What is Happiness?

We describe Happiness as a state of being one with your environment. You enjoy where you are, what you are, and how you are. Full blown unicorns.
First of all, you need to get one thing clear: Nobody is ALWAYS happy.
That’s not even healthy.
Even the most successful, rich, great people have times of despair and unhappiness.
So, your goal isn’t to be happy 24/7.
It’s to become MORE happy than you are now.
This is the blueprint.

Small incrementals. Baby steps towards happiness.
You don’t do X and then you are ultimate happy for the rest of your life. Life is complex, and unpredictable. You can’t account for anything, all the time. Sometimes, shit happens. But the shit-happens-moments are your best training for becoming a better person. Or a happier person I should say.
Because in this exact moment, you have to do a conscious decision.


You can mourn the thing that happened.
“Fuck man, why did that happen to me AGAIN? I ALWAYS have this shit happen to me!”
You are then training your mind to expect these things. And it makes you unhappy as fuck. It makes you a negative person. You anticipate shit happening, just because SOMETHING happened right now.

Don’t blow yourself out over shit that happened. You will only make it worse.

Your only achievement in life has to be getting up one more time than you are punched down.
Life is constantly throwing curveballs at you.
That’s how it works.
Which is – again – the exact reason why you just can’t be happy forever. You become happy by noticing the situation, and working through it.
Don’t see bad things as a negative, see it as a positive.
“How, Alex?”

How to be Happy?

See it as a challenge.
You’re really bad money-wise right now? Make a challenge out of it. The challenge of getting over this slump this month. Or this year, or whatever. Getting out of debt as a game, etc.
Having massive fights with your wife?
Sex-life is down the drain?
Make a challenge out of it. Try to get it back up (literally 😉 )
“And why will struggling make me happy?”
Not the struggle itself. The overcoming of it. After you’ve done it! When money is great again, just like America.
Or when you managed to get great sex again. When you lay in bed with your gf/wife after a great romping session.
You enjoy this moment.
Embrace it.

It is within you

Realize it is because YOU didn’t just sit there and let bad things happen. It’s because YOU decided to get out of this mess. And you worked through it.
It’s just like the gym. 
You know these days where you seriously have NO interest whatsoever to hit the gym? But you power through. You go anyways.

YOU are the only person who can change your life. Unlimited possibility resides within you.

Afterwards, you feel fucking great since you beat your inner demon, and you beat life.
You won at life.
Off to the next round!
That feeling can be applied to anything in life.
You just need to be AWAKE!
Most people are just mindless drones, wandering through this life. They don’t even realize their own emotions when they happen. We call ourselves conscious beings, yet most people wander 80+ years on this planet completely unconscious.

Smaller details

Our current society fucking sucks. It’s focused around making you weak. It’s trying to get your attention at all times.
Here are a few very simple steps to become happier in a few days/weeks:

Stop checking the news

I haven’t checked the daily gossip for months, if not years. And guess what? I am still alive. Most of politics and shit doesn’t change ANYTHING about your life.
News are always negative. Because that’s how you get people’s attention.
But constant negative news have an impact on your mood. Stop it!

Reduce social media, A LOT!

I’ve wasted so much time on Facebook, I can’t even count it. I stopped that completely. I am STILL too much on Twitter to be honest, but I am not perfect. And I am working on it. Most shit on social media is negative as well. People share negative bullshit, because it attracts.
And Instagram? Even worse. It gives a false sense of people’s life’s and it makes you feel bad about yourself, because everyone else is just better.
Trust me.
They’re not.

Do sports

Gym, walking, biking, any club sport, doesn’t matter. MOVE!
Move your body! You need it! The rush of blood will make you happier!

Walk upright!

Your body posture influences your mood greatly. Pull your shoulders back. Don’t look to the ground, look up! Look people in the eyes. Look to the horizon. SEE THE WORLD!
It’s been scientifically proven that a crunched posture makes you unhappy!

Reduce carbs

You don’t have to go full carnivore, vegan, or whatever. Just reduce carbs. If you plaster your body with carbs, but you never use them since you barely move, they will slow you down. They make you depressed, and unhappy.
Just start with ditching the pasta once a day.

These five VERY EASY ways should already set you up quite well.
There are LOTS and lots of more things to do which can improve your mood, and happiness. And I will probably go into more detail in future posts.


It’s actually great!

Talk soon,