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How to get into Bitcoin without money

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You are curious about jumping into Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies? Especially after the big profits of up to 10000% we saw. But you don’t want to spend actual money?

No, problem. You don’t have to!

The space around cryptocurrencies still has the issue of “being new”. Even almost ten years later. Which means exchanges are still trying to get new people registered on their websites.

So they basically pay you to register there.

Obviously, there is more to it. Nobody just gifts money to other people. But technically, you don’t have to invest money.

Money for free

I am going to show you the easy way with Coinbase and the more profitable way with Binance. is the easier way to do it. If you use my referral link and you invest $100, we both get $10 bucks each.

“But you said without any money, man?!”

Yes. This is the quicker way. But you can just go one step further. If you sign up, you get your own referral link, which you can shill to your friends and talk them into investing $100.
Or you have a blog (which I would love to know about, so please put it in the comments or DM me on Twitter) in which you can post that link, just like I am doing right now.

But you have to use the referral link if you sign up:

If you just go to Coinbase and sign up regularly it won’t work.
There is no bullshit involved. The sign up is still free, you don’t get more ads or anything. You don’t have to pay more fees than anybody else, nothing. It’s just a way for the exchange to attract new users.

Friends with benefits

Let’s say you’ve shilled your referral link to five people. Each of which decides (maybe over time) to invest $100. That’s 50 free bucks for you. And you immediately get them as Bitcoin. So you don’t even have to pay exchange-fees.

If you do this, you should see on Coinbase that you’ve received free Bitcoin.

coinbase referral

A million dollars through referrals?

Sounds stupid, but it is actually possible. Here’s how it works: has a similar referral system, except it’s more long-term focused and thus more profitable.

Use my link to sign up: and create your own. The person who used your referral is now passively paying you if they use the exchange.

You get a percentage of the trading-fees the referred person has to pay.

Whenever you exchange coins on Binance, you have to pay fees. That’s just how it is. That’s how Binance makes money. And off of these fees, you will get a small percentage for the trades the referred person has made.

At first, it obviously isn’t much, but later on, that can accumulate pretty quickly.

You can see who has made the most money this way already. Someone on Binance made 186 Bitcoins this way. Currently, that would be worth 1,1 million USD. Passive income.

186 free btc on binance

Gimme dat

Sounds great, right? Because it is.
Sign up here: and complete your profile. Click on the header up top:

binance referral

On the following page, you can see your referral link and how much commission you would receive right now.

binance referral

Copy the link and annoy your friends with it. And maybe you’ll have a small passive income in the near future.

There are more exchanges which provide similar features, like:

So, which one would you rather have? Getting less money quick or more money slower?

Thank you again for using my referrals,

This whole topic of referral links is a chapter in my course called Passive WINcome. Check it out here.

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