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How to make a million dollars without doing anything.

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Yes, it is possible.

You can make a million dollars without actually doing anything. But this is not a pyramid or Ponzi scheme which promises that.

You don’t need to trade either.

Or wait for Bitcoin to reach 1 mil.

I’m gonna back this up with a spreadsheet which exactly explains how to do it. And to proof, it isn’t bullshit.

A lot of people do this. A whole market revolves around it.

And you can do it very easily, too.

You only need two things:

  • A 9-5 job
  • Time

Everyone should have that, right?

The money-time equation

a clock and staples of money indicating money growing over time
Money and time are heavily tied together. But you can and should shift the focus.

There is a set rule with making money. It is heavily tied to time.

If you are working a 9-5, what you’re doing is exchanging your time for a fixed amount of money.

And if you follow any of the woke people on Twitter, they will tell you one thing:

Stop exchanging your time for money.

You need to shift the focus of your time differently.

I talk about this a lot with passive income in crypto.

For example, if you are trading, you use your time to make money.

It’s like a 9-5. Maybe not as annoying. And more lucrative. But you are still actively working to make your money.

I teach people to shift their focus on working once upfront (setting passive income sources up) and then never work again.

And let the money work for you over time.

With the following approach, you will need to shift money and time again.

But a little different.

How it works

What you need to do is set aside a certain amount of money from your 9-5 each month.

Invest it.

And then you wait.

That’s it.

If you are already fluent with financial jargon, you will now be bored by compound interest. Because that is what we do.

And it is the greatest invention this inflationary market ever brought upon us.

But it takes time to work. Time to compound.

And here we are again with the money-time equation.

But this time we stretch the time factor very far. Which makes it possible to make a million bucks without work.

The math

spreadsheet on how to make a million dollars without doing anything
Compound interest makes it possible to make 1 million USD in 35 years. The cheapest way.

This spreadsheet tells you exactly how it’s done.

As you can tell, it will take 35 years.

But Warren Buffett didn’t become a billionaire in two weeks. It took him his whole life.

If you want to become a millionaire quicker than 35 years, you need to create value and do something for people.

This approach is 100% doing nothing while becoming a millionaire.

Can’t have it all, buddy.


Check out the first row.

  • The basis is your base investment of $500 in this example. It is also the basis on which the compound interest gets calculated. You will understand in a second.
  • The monthly addition is what you pay into this basket every month. Why this gets more over time later under “Inflation is helping you.”
  • Bonus payment is if you have money lying around and want to accelerate the million dollars by randomly putting money in.
  • Result is the money invested BY YOU in that year.
  • ETF dividend is the percentage you will receive by the basket you invest your money in. 8% is average.
  • The ETF revenue in USD.
  • The Sum of money you made in that year.

You don’t need to start with a basis of 500 bucks. But the higher the initial investment is, the sooner your interest compounds. Time and money again.

An ETF is an Exchange-Traded-Fund. So you’re basically investing in stocks. To some degree. ETF’s are designed to move around the average index of the whole stock market. Or the companies you have in your ETF. That’s why there is a set number like 8% possible. There are multiple companies in this ETF.

For example, I have a NASDAQ ETF which holds the ten biggest tech companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. Plus a bunch of smaller ones. And the revenue is the median of all these.

Inflation is helping you.

If you’re following me for a while, you know how I shittalk inflation a lot. It’s a bad system. Because it constantly steals your money!

But instead of feeling bad about it, we can abuse the system in our favour.

Because of inflation, the prices of EVERYTHING go up over time. Always. There might be small dips and heights in between because of stock market crashes or bullruns. But over longer periods of time, the only way is up:

the NASDAQ chart since it's beginning
The NASDAQ composite chart since it started in 1971. Steady upwards due to inflation.

You can clearly see how the NASDAQ steadily went up over time. There were dips in between. But over the whole period, it was up.

You can check any stock market index. If you zoom out, it is always up long-term.

This is due to inflation. A whole topic I talk about in my book. For now, let’s just say that it always HAS to go up. And it always does, because the money constantly loses value since it gets reprinted.

This is also the reason why it doesn’t matter WHEN you actually invest in such an ETF. Since you are planning ultra-long-term, an impending market crash doesn’t bother you.

Better yet, you get the stocks for cheap.

More help!

Not only is inflation helping you to get your investment steadily growing.

It also helps you with the monthly payments.

If you check the spreadsheet above, you might be irritated, how you are able to spend 3,000 USD a month into this investment in 35 years.

Well, think about it this way: Usually, you get a pay raise every year. If you don’t, you should def read my book on inflation. Because you might do the same work for less money! You need at least 2% as a pay raise every year to cover the inflation.

This spreadsheet has a raise of your monthly payment of 10% set up.

Which means once a year, you raise your monthly payment 10%. As you can tell, in the beginning, this isn’t hard. In the second year, you invest 12 bucks more per year.

10% is the chief goal. Not anyone can do this, although it gets easier over time to due inflation (again).

And trust me. Slowly chipping off money off your salary over time is easier than you think.

You need way less money than you would imagine.

Can’t do it, bro!

Alright, I’ll link the spreadsheet later. So you can put in any number for your yearly raise on the monthly payment you would like. Although the number needs to be higher than the inflation. At least!

If you only raise it 5% a year, which isn’t much more than the inflation, you are still going to make 500k in 35 years. And you only pay 600 bucks monthly in 35 years. Which will be VERY doable then.

spreadsheet with a five percent annualy raise on the monthly payment
With a 5% annualy raise on your monthly payment you can still make 500k!

Which could be a whole house.

This is also how people pay off their houses. (Like me for example).

If you need 500 grand for a house, the monthly payment is very high in the beginning. But it gets way easier over time.

Since you keep getting more money through pay raises, etc.

But the payment for the house stays the same!

You do the same with this approach, just turning it round.

So it makes you money!
You should definitely aim for the 10%. It’s easier to do than you think.

You can also add more years if you’re younger. Or reduce years and increase the initial payment. Whatever.

Here is the spreadsheet.

Copy it and change it up, fitting to your needs.

Only you know what you can afford and what you can’t.

Fill it in and start it.

The sooner you start, the better!

Whatever you invest, do SOMETHING or stay broke forever.

Get the ball rolling, to get you to the million!

Work less, make more!

If you want to make even more money, learn to make passive income with cryptocurrencies by signing up to my e-mail list where I teach how it works, how you can do it, too. And how I do it.

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