Life wisdom

How to NOT turn your life into hell.

This post contains a very simple, but very very,
important info on how to set your life straight.

You might be thinking, “dude, just tell me how to make money”
Well, it is part of it.
Because before you can make any money, you need to set yourself up properly.

Let me explain…

Power games

Democracy is based on the distribution of power, right?
We divide into executive, legislative and jurisdictional.

Simple. The brave men who introduced democracy thought about it this way, “how can we set up a government system that doesn’t bring us into hell, even if we elect utter halfwits?”

Which is what occasionally happens.
You might think of Trump right now, and I won’t go too deep into the political debate right here, but he’s far from a halfwit.

The point is the question. Which you can rephrase for yourself:

“How can I set up my life that I don’t end up in hell even if everything goes wrong?”

This is the sign of a wise person. Imagining different outcomes, especially the worst ones. And setting yourself up for success even in the case of the apocalypse.
Now, what is the worst that can happen?

You lose your job, your wife/gf leaves you, you bought a house, so you’re heavily in debt, and friends and family turn the back on you. On top that the worst: you get banned on Twitter.

Pretty grim situation, right?
Everything you possess, even if it’s a loved person (which you don’t really possess) can be gone at any time. The next minute the stock market can crash, ruining the housing market, the banks demand your payment immediately for your house: You can’t pay, lose the house and thus lose the wife.
Fuck, man.
So how can you still survive?

You learn something that stays if you lose everything.


You learn paying skills. Nobody can take them from you, no matter the situation. And you can use them to get back on your feet.
Copywriting, webdesign, writing, speaking, whatever you prefer.
Master one of these skills, and you can live a chill life because you know, no matter what happens, you will always come out on top.

It will not only increase your bank account right now, it will increase your health since you can ignore all the stress at your 9-5. You will develop an abundance mindset.
And since shit can hit the fan every day, it’s better to start NOW!
How? Where? What?

Sign up to the Sovereign University! That’s the fastest and easiest way to learn a profitable skill in NO time. You will make the fee for signing up back real quick. The knowledge in there is insanely valuable. I am signed up myself for months now. Not gonna quit that!

Set yourself up for the future, so no hoohah can kill your chill!
Sign up here: Become sovereign.

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