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My favorite way of making money AND having fun with it.

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We all love social media, right?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever.

You probably have your favorite among these.

Which is fine.

You like the biochemical rush of new followers, new messages and people liking your stuff.

It is utterly meaningless in real life, but there is something to having 1,000 followers on Twitter, right?

We don’t really know how this social media worldwide test subject will actually pan out. 
What it does to people. Some people say it’s great, others hate it.

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Is this how we end up?

Or they fear the implications which come with it. Which are impossible to predict.

“Instagram is actually hurting the female psychology.”

“Facebook is only used for unfunny memes and people you don’t want to see anymore.”

“Twitter is just for political bullshit.”

Etc etc.

I, personally stopped checking facebook completely. I might turn it back on for my brand once we go up with crypto again, but for now, meh.
Funnily enough, I feel a lot better once I reduced mindlessly scrolling through Facebook.

I just got triggered by all the political bullshit and racism.

Instagram is even worse where everyone portrays a life they don’t actually have.


My personal favorite has become Twitter. I now am close to 900 followers, one of which you probably are. Thanks for the adrenalin rush there 😉

And Twitter isn’t just filled with woke men and women that understand the dynamic between the genders.

It’s also home to a lot of hustlers. People making money online, traveling the world.

And all of crypto, well, the “woke” crypto is on Twitter as well.

So that’s nice.

But how do people actually make money on Twitter?

Quite easy.

You sell shit.

Skipping steps

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Do not try to skip steps!

Now you need something you can sell, of course.

But that’s step two. First, we need to do step one. An audience. If you have 100 followers on Twitter, who are you gonna sell to?
So, your first goal is to gain a following.

Granted, technically you only need one follower to start selling. And it’s what you should be doing.

You should start immediately!

But, more people following you and enjoying your content means more people possibly enjoying your paid content.

And it’s actually not that hard. I mean, I, with my bad jokes and crypto niche nobody cares about right now managed 800 followers in a few months. And I could’ve been a lot faster if I’ve had the following book a lot earlier.

I gained 300 followers just in the last month. By applying these “tactics”.

This book is not from me. A friend of mine wrote it, it’s a step by step guide on how to conquer Twitter. And that’s exactly the name.

picture of the conquering twitter ebook.
Get the eBook with the link below.

Conquering Twitter.

The two people who wrote that have 10,000 followers between them. With personal brands. 
They are not companies selling products. Just people enjoying to follow.

Which happen to sell books and stuff.

You can do it, too.

And if even you don’t sell anything with your 1,000 followers, you can still get your message out to people. If you enjoy this sort of thing.

Like I do.

Why should I pay tho?

This is a question that I get a lot since I sell my books and courses about passive WINcome.

“why should I buy your book if I can get the knowledge for free, bruv?”

Well, go right ahead and get that knowledge for free.

I don’t urge anybody to buy my stuff. I promote it a lot, and if that is annoying, feel free to unfollow me.

Noticed something? It’s the IDGAF mindset.

And you will need to get this mindset once you start selling stuff.

But making money isn’t the only reason. Although I am not gonna lie; of course, I aim to make money with my books and courses. However, you’re reading this post for free, so it’s not like it is all behind a paywall.

Paying actually helps you as a customer

This is a weird concept, cheap people don’t grasp.

You need to trick your mind sometimes.

optical deception of a beach and parasols
You need to trick your mind into gaining knowledge.

Most people will never act on any information they consume. They are consumers, they like reading this stuff, mentally masturbating about it. Probably bragging in front of their friends how they’ve read this and that book.

And how they now have the secret to become rich.

Not gonna lie, I’ve been the same.

I like sharing knowledge. Especially very helpful knowledge. So I keep annoying my friends and family with it.

I kept sharing all the knowledge I consume, but they couldn’t be bothered with it.

And then it hit me.

They don’t care because they didn’t invest in getting that knowledge.

Tricking yourself

You need to guilt-trip your mind.

“I paid for this book/course, better fucking use the knowledge before I literally wasted the money.”

Some people will just mindlessly consume courses as well. They pay for it and have no bad feeling about ever using the knowledge.

And that’s fine.

Those are the easiest customers.

But I want people to apply my knowledge. I spend days, weeks, or even months to create these things.

And while it is fun, I don’t just do it because I enjoy it. I want people to get that info and live life as chill as I do.

If people pay for information, they are more likely to read or even apply it.

So, despite some lowballs shittalking your books and courses, or even the pricing, most people won’t.

They might not buy from you, but they won’t judge you for providing a paid course. Especially if you still create free content.

Get it out there!

picture of a classic microphone
Get your voice out there. Make yourself get heard.

Everyone has to say something.

People make fun of it a lot, but not everyone writes a book these days.

Lots of people do, and this is well and good.

And even if you don’t write a book, at least write!

Write Tweets!

Get your opinion out there!

Tap your knowledge and get it heard!

Think about your life, what you encountered. Your experiences. Your problems, how you overcame them. And write it down!

Pack it in Tweets.

Pack it in an ebook, or start a mailing list.

Make yourself heard.

And don’t be discouraged. Lots of opinions are bullshit on Twitter & Co.

I agree.

Third wave feminism and all that crap.

Fight it!

But not by ridiculing them. By being a better version of it. Write thoughtful tweets that help people.

Create value.

Create an audience that loves your schtuff.

And you will feel a lot better.

And you will make money.


On the topic of making money. I gave you enough food for thought why paid courses are actually good. So here’s mine, the PIMP course. But even if you still don’t like to pay for info, fine.

Join the FREE 5-day e-mail course, it contains 4533 words on how to start with passive income on the right foot. For FREE.

Can’t say I’m not providing enough knowledge for free, buddy!

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