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Would you like to make $1,000 a month while sitting on a beach with white hot sand, relaxing and watching the low tide of turquoise water coming into the bay?

woman in a swing at a beautiful beach
Want to enjoy life to its fullest? You have all the rights to do so. And the tools.

Yes? I thought so.
Let me explain how to do it…

  • Do you hate working a 9-5?
  • Do you hate living from paycheck to paycheck?
  • Do you hate acting like you like all these colleagues at work?
  • Do you hate only being able to go on one vacation a year? If any?

Most people hate that. And they live with it, hating their miserable life and blaming society, Trump, or the money in general. You probably think the same and I understand that.

I was the same.

But now I make money while sleeping and I will share my techniques on how to do it.

Drone wars

The problem is, you were taught all the wrong things at school.

How is being able to calculate the volume under a parabola going to help you make money? Unless you are rocket scientist or whatever.

This shit is not helping. What we should be taught in school is how to make the money work for you. But instead we learn all this pointless shit.

There is a reason for this. Not everyone can just sit on the beach and enjoy a Mojito. We need a workforce, and the school system is making sure there are enough mindless drones produced that work their whole life.

That’s a bit harsh.

There are enough people thoroughly enjoying their jobs, and we do need people who do the hard labor. And I appreciate their sacrifice. I really do.

You can always tell what kind of a person someone is by how they treat “people beneath them”.

I hate that term, but that’s what it is.

The baseline is this: I’v never liked working for someone else. I’m a creative person. I don’t like being the cog in the system.

woman with a cog as her brain representing a cog in the system
Don’t be a mindless cog in the system. Be a sovereign individual.

And since you are here, I figure you are the same.

You just don’t enjoy working as a nobody for a big company.

Or maybe you have realized that this isn’t financial safety. Over 80% of people in the US have not enough money saved for 2 months without their job.

That’s insane!

How can anyone feel safe this way?

You should have enough money to live a whole year without a job!

You never know what will happen? How can we live like that and think it’s all well and good?

Break free from the oppression

man standing infront of huge waterfall indicating freedom
Break yourself free and enjoy life as it should be.

Everybody is being oppressed these days, right?

  • Women are oppressed by men.
  • Men are oppressed by the government.
  • And animals are oppressed by humans.

Did you read my sarcasm? Good. Because this is a victim mentality which will get you nowhere.

NOBODY is going to help you get out of this mess. Let me tell you something. There is one thing you will notice once you try to make money on your own. People will try to stop you.

Even your closest friends and relatives.

They will tell you how it can’t be done. How it is a waste of time.

Meanwhile, binging Netflix isn’t a waste of time, right? Because you can talk about the latest show with the coworkers you hate.



I’m telling you this because you need to realize how deep the social engineering is engraved in our society. People will fight hard for their beliefs. And they believe there is no way to get out of this life unless you were born rich or you were “lucky”.

And that money is scarce.

Let me tell you one thing: You can generate “luck” by being consistent.

Consistency is the number one key to becoming rich.

You can ask any rich person about it, they’ll all tell you the same.

They might use different words like “focus” or “concentration” but in general they mean the same.

Taking action consistently.

Which is what I did.

And what you should be doing.

Get out of this mess you are in. Working a 9-5, being broke, not enjoying life to its fullest.

Start taking action.

Your first action will be to sign up to my e-mail and get the Toolkit to start making money in your sleep!

How to start one-by-one and what to be aware of.

Here’s what you will get:

  • How to make money online
  • My journey and what I’ve learned from it (real life experience)
  • Shittalking society, corporate, and a bit of talk about sex
  • How you can become a better version of yourself
  • How to be more productive
  • How to enjoy life

I might not run this free forever, so rather get in now before it’s too late.

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