The Bitcoin Saga

No idea what Bitcoin is? Good. You DO know what Bitcoin is? Just as good.

You have probably heard how Bitcoin is solely used by terrorists and nerds?
So they can move magic internet money around which isn’t traceable?
And by the way, it’s dying already anyway?
Or friends and relatives are calling you out for investing in this bubble (that’s what I hear all the time)?

In any of these cases, this book is for you!

bitcoin saga english

Learn the unfiltered truth about Bitcoin with The Bitcoin Saga. This book will show you all the needed details about the currency of the future easy and simple.

What you hear about Bitcoin & Co. in the media is 99% bullshit. I am not exaggerating. But it is understandable since the banks and institutions are afraid.

“How is this any of my business?”

Fair point. It isn’t really. Politics and shit, especially in finances, who gives a damn?

Fine, you don’t have to care, you can just close this site right now.

But maybe you would enjoy a bigger house?

sick mansion

Or a nice car?

lamborghini wallpaper

The market around cryptocurrencies is still so early that there are virtually infinite possibilities to become rich with it. And technically you can even enter without spending your money. Although this will take a lot longer. At the end of the book, I outline how you can make a boatload of money if you just invest 50 bucks every month. Everyone should have $50 a month, right?

“Isn’t the market dead already?”

Far from it. Sure, 2017 the market shot up stupidly and came back down just as heavily. A lot of people who were just joining for the quick buck had to learn the hard way that something like that doesn’t exist.

Other people, however, got very rich. In months.

Big companies like BMW, IBM, Facebook & Co. are already interested in the crypto market and are busy investing in it and building on it. Governments are trying to regulate these markets to make it more secure and safe for the small investor (and the big ones).

Would they blow millions into this market if it is dying?

“How does the book help me with that?”

You will learn the absolute basic details about Bitcoin & Co., how it works, why it will revolutionize the future and how you can make money with it!

Table of contents:

  • Problems of the current money
  • Myths (sagas) about Bitcoin
  • The technology which will change the future
  • How will the future look like?
  • Further cryptocurrencies and why they exist
  • The lost battle fought by the banks
  • Why the current system slowly steals your money
  • Tax haven Bitcoin
  • Practical tips on how to make money with crypto

All of this for just 9.99 USD! If you enjoy digital products, good for you, the eBook is only $0.99! And if you have Kindle-Unlimited, the eBook is FREE!

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If you invest a few dollars in my book now, you will get the tools to make thousands of them in the future! Is there a better investment?

bitcoin saga english

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The Bitcoin Saga did already reach hundreds of people worldwide!

worldwide sales

This screenshot is from the first 3 weeks of the book being sold and after the first week of international sales. It has already been bought by people from all these countries.

Don’t be the person missing out on this revolution. Join in on time before your friends already made money with it!


Disclaimer: I have to say this, obviously. There is NO guarantee that you will make a shitton of money. Nothing can guarantee this. Alexander Grupp is not responsible for money lost or if the profits don’t come in as you think. This book just provides info and tools to do so. But I can’t guarantee profits. You also should always be careful if someone guarantees profits. Something like that doesn’t exist.