Life wisdom

The downfall of society.

I am not usually someone who calls the cops for every shit.
Like if some kids are too loud outside.
And I can’t sleep.
Usually they leave after a few minutes.
But the other night, some millennials got their lesson.
And me, too.
Story time!

After a nice Kebap with my wife we went back home and chilled on the couch. Watched Designated Survivor on Netflix (great show) before falling asleep. That’s usually how it goes. At some point someone wakes up, and we go to bed.
As we did yesterday.

But as we were lying in bed, there was a lot of music and shouting out there.
Now, round where we live (currently) this isn’t rare to be honest.
It’s close to the center of the city, so naturally there are some people out there.
However, usually they have at least enough dignity and manners to not play music in the middle of the night. Mind you, this was at midnight.

And boy was the music shit. Low IQ german rap “music” if you can call it that.
Already pissed about this, I choose to wait a few minutes if they leave.
They don’t.
So I go out and check the situation. There is a kids playground close to our house where they sat around. It was dark af so they didn’t see me, but I told them to turn it down and be quiet, otherwise I would call the cops.

One of the dudes immediately told the other one to turn it down. And the girl asked “what’chu say?” provocatively.
Two things in this one sentence I will dissect in a second.
Anyway, I go back and while walking back I hear them shittalking me and how it is Friday night and what I am about here, etc etc. We wait another ten minutes.
Still this retarded music.
Alright, I call the cops.
Funnily enough, someone else already called them in, so they were already on the way. Another 5-10 minutes later it suddenly gets quieter and I hear some talks before they leave. I imagine the cops cleared this.


Now there are a few things to notice here. First of all, there is no fucking respect anymore with these kids. I know millennials have a bad rep already, but this is just sad.
Back in my day (and I know I sound old af rn) we were loud outside as well. But if someone complained, we would apologize and turn it down.

Out of respect.

We can only live together in cities if people have mutual respect. But kids these days are raised to “put their elbows out”. They are raised to withstand people and jump head-first into conflict. More importantly, they don’t get taught manners or are raised to respect others AT ALL.
That’s where this asshole mentality comes from.

The louder you scream, the more your voice is heard, right? Society is developing backwards.

But is this really a society where you want to live in? Where no one gives a flying fuck about others? This is doomed from the get-go. But considering this is exactly where this society is heading, there is only one outcome for all this.
Civil war.

Now this might sound exaggerated, and yes, this obviously won’t happen next year. But if we keep raising people this way, the result is increased local violence, which will ultimately lead to people fighting each other in the grand scheme. Read, war. Especially with all the hate on social media and TV, the only thing these kids learn is to hate other people. Instead of respecting them.
People get triggered for days of a fucking tweet these days. You think they will behave calm and reflective IRL?


Another thing I noticed in this was the gender roles. When I told them to turn it down, one dude immediately bent over. Now, I want them to have respect, but you don’t have to lose dignity. He could’ve said “Yeah, sorry, man. We will turn it down in a sec.”. No integrity. Seconds ago he was playing the cool dude with the sick songs, but as soon as someone talked shit to him IRL, he cowered.

And secondly, the woman.
Boy. She acted like a man. There is no surprise she hangs around with these losers. No masculine man of dignity would want a bitch like that. “Watchu say?” with this stupid tone in her voice. God, I wouldn’t touch her with gloves after this and I didn’t even see her in the darkness.
What a sad representation of the female gender.
They are meant to be feminine and nurturing. And not fighting the fights. But since the men these days can’t do it, they are the ones that HAVE to.
So I understand her reaction. But it’s still disappointing.

It’s not about looks, femininity is how you act as a woman.

So what is for us normal people left to do?
Honestly, leave the big cities. Move out into the countryside. It’s better for your health, relationships, and you meet genuine people.
Most likely that is.
We are building a house in a remote city right now and I already met 1-2 weird neighbors. Sure, it happens, but at least they know manners. And how to act with other people.
I couldn’t sleep for another hour because I thought of all these implications last night.
And that’s not healthy.
I would recommend you either get out into remote villages, or you learn how to fight.
Since that will inevitably happen.

Remember the game GTA 2? “Respect is everything” was its slogan. 

Talk soon,

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