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Why I wrote The Bitcoin Saga

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I get asked this a lot.

Why did I bother to write this book?

bitcoin saga english

Because – in my estimation – it is what the cryptocurrency space needs the most right now: accessibility.

This book was designed from the get-go to draw people into the market. But not with cheesy marketing-lines (although the cover obviously has that so people buy this thing on Amazon 😉 ) but with the cold hard truth.

Tales from 1001 Blocks

I don’t know if you are familiar with the Tales from 1001 nights. Here’s a small excerpt from the book:

A king of an unnamed island “between India and the Empire of China“
was so shocked by his wife’s infidelity that he had her killed. He still gave
the vizier the task from now on every night (in some versions every third)
to bring a new virgin in his room, which should then be killed the
following morning.
After some time, the vizier’s daughter intends to put an end to the
killing and plans to become the king’s wife. She begins to tell him stories
so intriguing that he postpones the execution one day to hear the end of
the story. Then she proceeds with the fascinating legend the next day and
stops again at a time that necessarily forces the king to let her live to hear
the rest of the story. After a thousand and one nights of this kind, she gave
birth to three children in the meantime, and the king finally grants her
grace. So the story.

This is the story of the 1001 nights I mention in the book and which is the ramp in Chapter two towards cleaning up all the crap around Bitcoin.
Why? Because most people think this is a children’s fairy tale. Doesn’t quite fit the text above, does it?

This happens a lot with stories and it also happens with new technologies.
I named the book The Bitcoin Saga because there are a lot of tales around Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as you’ve probably encountered as well.

And I was fed up with that!

All my friends calling me out for investing in this “bubble”.

“Hey, Bitcoin is down to 6k, right? Told you not to invest in this crap!”

“This Bitcoin thing is over, right? Guess you joined too late, eh?”

“I think you shouldn’t play with that criminal money.”

The problem is, Bitcoin isn’t very easy to explain and especially not towards biased people. And even if someone listened for a minute, he was quickly bored by my tirade of how it will change the future, how it is the fourth industrial revolution and why he/she should invest for long-term.

“Myths prove to be more durable than facts.”

Great quote. I always liked that one because it is so true. People’s bias towards something is really hard to come by since they are usually rather wrong than being corrected. It has to do with lobsters. Yeah, I’m not kidding. Jordan B Peterson talks about this in more detail here (youtube). Basically, if you correct someone you lower their status in the social hierarchy. Especially if they’ve been a vivid defender of their point/thoughts this takes a huge toll on them.

That’s also a reason why old people tend to be stubborn about their thoughts because if you invalidate their claim you indirectly invalidate years of life experience for them.

So with that in mind, I thought, wouldn’t it be best if people could just be wrong at home, alone?

Probably, right?

That’s one of many reasons why I decided to put all that into a book. Because people can read it at home, learn the unfiltered truth about Bitcoin and they don’t have the embarrassment of having their social status questioned in front of others.

“Why would I care though?”

Well, if you are already invested in this space you are probably asking yourself right now why you would read a beginner’s book about the thing you work with (or trade) every day.

First of all, it’s usually best to know what you are referring to people.

Maybe I write complete jackshit in that book. If you are an Investor or Trader in this space, you should be able to judge that in which case I am happy to receive your Feedback!

Other than that, we want Bitcoin to succeed, right?

Eventually, this will happen on its own, but why not propel that? How does it happen? Mass adoption!

Teach people the truth about this space and this wonderful technology. But don’t bother to do it yourself. Give them The Bitcoin Saga and let them experience the truth on their own.

If enough people join this space your underwater bags might see the surface sooner and while you enjoy making money again, you can change the future for good. Isn’t that a great win-win for everybody?

I, personally, got about 10 author copies and gave them to all my friends. Most of them believe me now. They might not invest immediately, but they definitely understand.

So why don’t you try to change the future and set the foundations for your future wealth?


bitcoin saga english


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