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You only need ONE thing to make money online.

compass on a newspaper

What do you think it is?

The one thing to make money?


An existing stack of money?


Fame friends?

Guess what. It’s none of those.

And the fact that you might think any of the above things are necessary, is already the key.

Let me explain…

Most of us grew up with money being scarce. Mom and Dad were working full-time. We were at school with our packed lunch from Mom. Some “nice” old crumbling bread, a bit of butter, and dry-like-a-fart Ham.

We grew up like that, learning to be savvy with money. Because money is rare for the family. Debt on the house, the ol’ Ford broke down last week and had to be repaired. $500 for just the air-filter swap.

Everything is expensive, and you never have enough money to spend on nice things.


beautiful rich women sitting sexy infront of a plane indicating wealth
Do people become wealthy by pure luck? Or is there something else?

But then. You see these rich people. They have all the nice things. Shiny, fast, and most importantly, expensive cars. Huge mansions with football fields of a garden in the back. Specifically tailored clothes, looking slick as hell. They buy all the food they like. A $100 medium-rare bison steak, grilled on volcanic hot stone. Expensively imported seven-year-old French wine. The lot.

And you think, especially as a kid, “how did they get that?”

Some of them got lucky. Inherited money. Rich grandparents. Royals, even. Grandpa started a business back then and by pure luck, it caught on and made them rich.

Some won the lottery. Other’s got famous through their looks. Models, actors, TV presenters. And you don’t look like that, and also you don’t like speaking in front of people. So this won’t happen to you.

You can’t write very well, and your mind isn’t as creative as you think. So bestseller author is off the table as well.

Making music? Good one.

Doomed for mediocrity

Now you’re a young man. Eighteen years old, and nothing really changed. Working a side-job while still doing school. So you think, you are doomed for mediocrity. You will never achieve anything in life. At least nothing big. Maybe you find a lovely wife, but considering past experiences, all women are weird anyway.

Maybe you have a hobby. Which is fun. But like any hobby, it is expensive. So you can only half-ass it. Do the best you can to enjoy it. But since you don’t have the capital, you can’t turn it into a profession. To make it your work.

What are you supposed to do then?

Work your 9-5 your whole life?

Maybe you are one of the rare breeds that actually enjoy their classic, standard 9-5 thoroughly. All good, keep it up! Society needs people like you. More of you, actually.

But most people don’t. We want financial freedom. Or at least live a little better. I want to buy that juicy steak without thinking too much about how I can’t buy bread the next day.

And we actually had that in the past.

Tales from the past

Yes, yes. It wasn’t all guns’n’glory back in the days. World War, no way to even see the world, hard labor, etc.

But what humans had, was a certain freedom.

While you had to work on your farm all day (because supermarkets didn’t exist, duh) to make food, you could enjoy nature. The sun. Fresh air.

And you didn’t have to work late into the night most of the time. You could enjoy what the wife cooked for you since you didn’t have a lot of expenses.

Even if you weren’t rich, you still had an enjoyable life.

New age slavery

handcuffs on arms in the rain
The chains of slavery still exist. They just aren’t visible.

These days, though. Sitting in front of a computer all day, ruining your eyes, your back, your posture. Getting fat, depressed, and useless. Then you come home, exhausted since you never got your body going all day.

So you sit down to binge Netflix and watch the new show that was released today which is just as exchangeable as all the other 5,000 shows there.

I have Netflix. I watch it in the evenings with the wife. Honestly, most of it bores me to death. Apart from a few good ones, it’s all the same.

So we sit there, stuffing shit in our mouth, while not doing anything. Only to get tired and go to bed. Get up way too early because of commuting since all the big companies are now in big cities. Where you can’t afford rent for shit. So you have to drive for two hours.

Because what’s always expensible is your lifetime.

Read that again.

The most precious thing in your life. Your time. Is the thing you waste the most. Society demands it.

Nobody cares about their time as much as they should. Rather buy the new 80 inch TV.

I’m getting sidetracked, but it really bothers me…

Go into yourself

Think about it. Did I just picture your life? At least pretty close? Yeah, because you’re not special. Most people aren’t.

Society tells you, you are special. But you’re not. Not yet!

But you can be!

You only need to do one thing.

Ask yourself one question (which I actually stole from AJAC):

Go into yourself, and seriously ask yourself this question.

Could you live 1,000 or 10,000 years like that? Or forever? Like you live right now?

I guess not.

“I know man, but how do I change it?”

The title of this blog post is true.

You only need one thing.


mind the gap on a station
Change your mind. Reprogram it. Do it for yourself.

You’ve been told lies by society. And you need to reprogram yourself. It’s not easy, but worth it.

Here are the actual truth’s:

  • Money isn’t scarce
  • Anyone can become anything
  • You aren’t special, but you can become special
  • Most wealthy people didn’t have luck. They are driven
  • Pretty much everything you learned in school is bullshit
  • If you set your mind to something, anything, you can achieve it
  • You don’t have a spending problem, you have an earning problem

It all starts in your mind.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

Until I turned 30, all I did was working the 9-5, mindlessly watching other people play video games on Twitch (that sounds so stupid when I think about it now). At work that is. Coming home to play videogames myself. Get on the couch and demand sex from the wife, and wonder why she wasn’t in the mood.

That was me.

Then I turned 30, and asked myself, why the shit am I depressed? My life isn’t bad. Decent job, lovely wife, finances are ok, not great, but ok. So, where’s the issue?

Basically, I had a midlife crisis at 30 😉

The reason, quite simple, I didn’t have anything to strive for.

Your mission

old rustic table with map, globe and stuff on it
Find your mission. Map it out. Write it down.

Your first step is to accept that you are utterly lost.

You know nothing about life. It’s all wrong, and you don’t know where to start.

Embrace it!

You need it. Talk to yourself.

Free yourself from the shackles society gives you.

Only then will your subconscious tell you what you are really made for.

I discovered that I have a VERY creative mind.

But I wasn’t good with painting. I just always have pictures and stories in my head.

What I was good at, was writing.

I’m the kind of person that commented on all sorts of online forums. Everywhere. I loved it.

But it was hidden beneath my wall of ignorance.

Since then I wrote two books (in a year). And I am currently writing my first ever novel.

All because I woke up.

I realized I didn’t enjoy life as it is.

And you can do it, too.

Let this blog post be your wake-up call.

Embrace the hatred towards your current situation. Set your mind to being someone you enjoy.

a small flower in dirt in someone hands implying growing life
This is you now. But you can grow to something very great!

Don’t think of becoming the person. Tell your subconscious you ARE already the person of your dreams.

And, eventually, it will happen.

Now go out and do it!



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