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You put so much effort in being different. Wasted.

Being different.
That’s the shit these days.
Everyone wants to stand out. Be separated from the herd.
But you’re failing miserably at it.
And on top of that, it’s the wrong approach.
Let me explain…


We all have this desire in us to be someone special. To create something special. And with celebrities being the new age gods, there is even more incentive to be famous. Known for something.

And that’s fair and good.
I keep telling people to get out there and produce something.
Do ANYTHING to make the air you’re breathing worthwhile.

But y’all are doing it wrong!

I’ve been there myself. But I had my eyes opened.

We think having this 5-series BMW with a bright color is gonna make us special. Or the new Air Jordan’s with their gloss black color giving it this very touchable feel of worthiness.
They are so nice; you don’t even want to get them dirty.

But then again, Nike sold one million of these shoes in just one month.

Are you really special then?
No, but you don’t want to.

See, humans always lived in tribes and “herds” if you will. The herd mentality is a common theme in crypto and financial markets, isn’t it? Because you are trading against the herd. The price represents the feel and actions of the majority. And your goal as the winning minority is to counter that.

So while you might think you’re special with buying these nice shoes, what you are subconsciously doing, is trying to fit in with the rest.
And that’s not a bad thing, your perception is just wrong.


You actually just want to be loved. Part of a tribe, or a community that respects you. And that’s why you try to fit in.

Lots of feminists just join the feminism tribe because they want to fit in that group. Because they didn’t want to change themselves to fit in the existing ones.
Or because it’s just the newest shit.

And your life is so bland, you need the feeling of doing SOMETHING.
Whatever it may be, you are trying to fit in.

Because it has been proven to be good!

You don’t buy a BMW because it is shit. It is a good car. It may be overpriced, but it’s still better than a prius. Objectively. The tribe knows that.

So what you are actually doing is following the wisdom of the collective.


The issue is, you are wasting too much time on this. So much energy is put into standing out while being part of it.

And it is the wrong approach to make money.

I recently watched a youtube video from the famous design company “blind”.
They are doing graphics for Microsoft, Apple, Wells Fargo, you name em. Solely Fortune 500 companies.

And he said they charge WAY more than 18,000 USD just for the logo design.
Now you might find this is ridiculous. 

18k for a fucking logo.

Especially, since these logos aren’t graphically exploding. They are designed to be simple. Recognizable. Yet they charge 18k for that?
Because they know, what most people forget.

You don’t need to stand out.

one yellow umbrella amongst lots of black ones in the sky
Being special isn’t actually what you want.

These big brands don’t need to stand out. What they want is a logo that has less risk. A logo that is liked by the majority of people. That is known to be good by the collective.
People are more likely to buy something that is proven to be good, and they KNOW what they are buying before pulling the purse.
If it is some weird new thing nobody knows how it works exactly, they are hesitant.
Because they don’t know if they will receive the quality they hope for.

So they go back to the known stuff.

Now, you could argue this is stupid. And this way we will never achieve greatness. Since we never approach new things. 
And you are correct. 
That’s why there are always restless people that try everything to be different. Try all the new stuff.

It’s fine we have them. But they are not the majority. And they are probably not you.
You want to sell? Stick to the proven methods.

Once you got it going, you can try 1-2 new things and see how they work.
But don’t make it too complicated.

I hope this wasn’t too meta for you.
Take some time away, and think about what you are doing that might fit the standing-out criteria.

Most importantly, ask yourself if it really makes you feel better.

Or if you might be better off with a proper life mission.

To sell normal stuff to normal people.

Talk soon,

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